Tuesday, May 10, 2011

P-Day '11

P-Day, P-Day, P-Day - what would St. Mike's be without P-Day? Definitely not the same, that's for sure.

For those of you who don't know what P-Day is, it's by far one of the most exciting, fun days of the entire school year. It's the last weekend, before the weekend before exams, so basically the second to last weekend and everyone just spends the whole day having fun!!! The school sets up all these inflatables, they get bands to play, there are activities like face painting and henna tattoos, not to mention the food - the best part of P-Day!!! The Vermonster from PK Cafe - by far the best!!! Basically it's the day everyone looks forward to all year long!!

Oh, and most people make their own shirts - this year we all bought crazy spandex and painted "Cants touch this" on black t-shirts (we live in Canterbury - hence Cants).

But anyways here are some pics of all the fun!!! :-)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Around how many students are in your Editing & Design class?

This semester there are 8 editors and 3 managing/executive editors (who took the class last year). Which probably doesn't sound like a lot of people to produce our weekly paper, but the small class size is actually really nice!

We're small enough where everyone can really get to know everyone else and we've kind of become a family in a sense - it sounds lame I know, but when you spend 8 hours every Sunday together, it just kind of happens!

At the same time, it's also large enough where we can pretty much split up all the work - for example, there are 2 news editors and 2 features editors (these are the largest sections), 1 sports editor, 1 columns/calendar editor, 1 online editor, and 1 opinion editor, plus the 3 returning editors (1 managing editor, 1 executive editor, and 1 managing online editor). So we all have our own jobs, and do our own thing, but at the same time we all help each other - we actually all work really well together, which is nice, and even though the class is a lot of work, I'm definitely going to miss it!!!

Hope that helps!!! Don't hesitate to ask any other questions!!!!

* Sorry for the late response!!! *