Tuesday, September 6, 2011


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Senior Year Begins

I'm back!! Sorry for disappearing this summer! I've just been super busy - I was working at Upward Bound (a residential college prep program for high school students) this summer and it was even more hectic than last year! I was a floor supervisor, which basically means a lot more responsibility - late night meetings, mentoring students and staff, etc. - and I was teaching a newsletter/yearbook class! So my days and nights this summer were pretty full, I mean I barely had time to sleep!!!

But anyways, enough about this summer, because I'm finally back at St. Mike's!!!! And I'm a senior!!! Senior - that word brings up so many emotions - I mean I'm excited, because I'll be graduating from college in less than a year and I'll be able to begin the next chapter of my life ... but at the same time I'm absolutely terrified, because I don't know what that next chapter is going to look like.

Of course I have some ideas of what I would like to do and I've started to act upon them - I would really like to teach English abroad in Asia for a year after I graduate and I've begun the application process. But really that's the only plan I have, so if I don't get in I have no idea what I'm going to do. I mean, if I don't get into my first choice program, WorldTeach, then I'll most likely apply to a different program, but it's just so scary to think about right now!!

But getting back to senior year - I'm already half way through my second week here at St. Mike's and I'm already super busy with work ... this may have something to do with the new 4/4 course system, but I think a lot of it has to do with the classes I'm taking. I mean, I'm taking my Anthropology Capstone this semester, which just may end up consuming my life. Right now we're only in the planning stages, but we hope to open up an all girls after school program for local high school students in Winooski. Now don't get me wrong, I'm really excited about this project ... I just can't wait to get past all the planning and actually be able to work with the girls.

Besides that I'm also taking the first semester of my Senior Seminar for Journalism (again a lot of work, a lot of research and brainstorming), along with Photo Journalism and Engaged Theory/Method for Anthro.

But enough about classes, more importantly, I'm living in the 300's this year!!! In a cute little townhouse complete with 4 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, and a kitchen and living room downstairs. I absolutely love it, because we essentially have our own house and we get to do our own cooking!!! Not to mention the fact that I absolutely love my roommates (pictured below)!!! Two of which, Lauren and Ellen, I've known all 4 years; Hillary I didn't really meet until last year - but we all get along great and love to hang out.

Lauren, Myself, Hillary, and Ellen

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

P-Day '11

P-Day, P-Day, P-Day - what would St. Mike's be without P-Day? Definitely not the same, that's for sure.

For those of you who don't know what P-Day is, it's by far one of the most exciting, fun days of the entire school year. It's the last weekend, before the weekend before exams, so basically the second to last weekend and everyone just spends the whole day having fun!!! The school sets up all these inflatables, they get bands to play, there are activities like face painting and henna tattoos, not to mention the food - the best part of P-Day!!! The Vermonster from PK Cafe - by far the best!!! Basically it's the day everyone looks forward to all year long!!

Oh, and most people make their own shirts - this year we all bought crazy spandex and painted "Cants touch this" on black t-shirts (we live in Canterbury - hence Cants).

But anyways here are some pics of all the fun!!! :-)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Around how many students are in your Editing & Design class?

This semester there are 8 editors and 3 managing/executive editors (who took the class last year). Which probably doesn't sound like a lot of people to produce our weekly paper, but the small class size is actually really nice!

We're small enough where everyone can really get to know everyone else and we've kind of become a family in a sense - it sounds lame I know, but when you spend 8 hours every Sunday together, it just kind of happens!

At the same time, it's also large enough where we can pretty much split up all the work - for example, there are 2 news editors and 2 features editors (these are the largest sections), 1 sports editor, 1 columns/calendar editor, 1 online editor, and 1 opinion editor, plus the 3 returning editors (1 managing editor, 1 executive editor, and 1 managing online editor). So we all have our own jobs, and do our own thing, but at the same time we all help each other - we actually all work really well together, which is nice, and even though the class is a lot of work, I'm definitely going to miss it!!!

Hope that helps!!! Don't hesitate to ask any other questions!!!!

* Sorry for the late response!!! *

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rural Vermont

Sorry for the delay in writing a post - I've just been super busy with spring break and post-spring break work. Actually that's kind of a lie, spring break wasn't busy for me at all! I basically stayed at home all week and did nothing but catch up on some much needed sleep - next year's spring break will be much more eventful - you can count on that! lol!

But I did get to do some fun things while I was home - I'd have to say the most exciting adventure I had was that first weekend back home in Northern Vermont. My boyfriend Mike and our friends, Meghan and Ron came up to Eden for the weekend and we stayed at my neighbor's place. They have a house that they rent out to visitors, complete with sliding/snowshoeing/hiking/skiing/snowboarding trails and miniature goats!! It was a lot of fun, just hanging out and spending time in the great outdoors.

Anyways, here are some pictures from our weekend together:

Mike, Ron, and Meghan getting ready to slide - they would pull us up to the top of the really long,
windy trails with their bobcat and we would slide down - going way too fast!!!

The 4 of us with my doggie - Dixie :-)

Bonfire :-)

Meghan making smores.

Meghan with Wanderer - the Mini Goat :-)

Brownie and Wanderer - yes, not only do they come inside everyday,
but they're also allowed on the furniture!!!!


Anyone interested in checking out their property can click here.