Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rural Vermont

Sorry for the delay in writing a post - I've just been super busy with spring break and post-spring break work. Actually that's kind of a lie, spring break wasn't busy for me at all! I basically stayed at home all week and did nothing but catch up on some much needed sleep - next year's spring break will be much more eventful - you can count on that! lol!

But I did get to do some fun things while I was home - I'd have to say the most exciting adventure I had was that first weekend back home in Northern Vermont. My boyfriend Mike and our friends, Meghan and Ron came up to Eden for the weekend and we stayed at my neighbor's place. They have a house that they rent out to visitors, complete with sliding/snowshoeing/hiking/skiing/snowboarding trails and miniature goats!! It was a lot of fun, just hanging out and spending time in the great outdoors.

Anyways, here are some pictures from our weekend together:

Mike, Ron, and Meghan getting ready to slide - they would pull us up to the top of the really long,
windy trails with their bobcat and we would slide down - going way too fast!!!

The 4 of us with my doggie - Dixie :-)

Bonfire :-)

Meghan making smores.

Meghan with Wanderer - the Mini Goat :-)

Brownie and Wanderer - yes, not only do they come inside everyday,
but they're also allowed on the furniture!!!!


Anyone interested in checking out their property can click here.

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